This Is Not A Hard Rock Turned In The Water, You Are About To See An Interesting Creature!

Oceans cover much of the surface on the earth. However, we know very little about the oceans and what lies beneath the large water surfaces. In fact, each year new species are discovered as well as new plants and other interesting facts. The difficulty in exploring the deep oceans could be the reason it has taken man so long to learn everything there is to know about the oceans.

In this video shot in the Sea of Cortez, in Mexico, just off the Coast of California, birds are seen flying in circles over the sea. When the camera tilts showing what is beneath the sea, it’s all amazing. At first it looks like a dark gray rock. Then the camera zooms in and you see a type of fish species that you have never seen before.

This particular ray fish species that is shown in this video is the Mobula Munkiana. They are less than 3.6 feet long and they like to stick together in groups. Several reasons as to why they do so have been suggested, however, they usually put themselves at risk by sticking together. It makes it easy for fishermen to catch them with trawler fishing nets.

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